The house mouse (or field mouse if living in rural areas) is one of the most common pests on the south plains. One of the common characteristics of the mouse is its strong curiosity. Pest control professionals can use this natural curiosity against itself to help remove this pest. Mice are omnivores, and will eat most anything, making baiting an attractive pest control solution. Much attention has been given to mice recently with the recognition of the haunta virus in Texas and New Mexico. This disease may be carried by large numbers of mice and can be passed to humans when we come in contact with their droppings.


An excellent climber, the norway rat is unafraid of living in close proximity to humans if there is a food source near. Norway rats have been known to enter homes through holes/cracks as small as 1/4 inch in width. The main danger to humans comes not from the rat itself, but the mites and/or fleas that it might carry. This rat, like most rodents, can harbor rabies and even the bubonic plague. Careful and complete inspections of building exteriors, combined with aggressive trapping of any spotted "unwanted guests" can eliminate a rat problem.