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Cyper WP 1 lb. $43.00   Hombre Mini Blocks 0.75 oz $18.00 (pail=60 packs)      
Maxforce FC 30 gm $7.00   Boot Hill Bars 1 lb. $5.00
Delta Dust 1 lb. $16.00   Rozol 12 oz. $6.00
Hombre Bars 1 lb. $6.00   Bifen I/T 4 oz. $15.00
Hombre Pellets 0.88 oz. $7.00 (1 box of 12 packs)         Goper Bait 50 1 lb. $11.00
Boot Hill Pellets 1.5 oz $8.00 (1 box of 10 packs)   Permethrin 1 pt. $14.00
Aegis RP Rat Station $9.00   Viper 4 oz. $17.00
Aegis Mouse Station $6.00 Twin Pack   Pestab 2 pack $12.00
Snake Away 1 lb. $22.50



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To order a termite, pest, or home inspection, please visit our sister site, click here